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AUG【ONLINE】《Explore Family of Origin》Workshop

Aug 16, 2023 4 Days

Workshop Detail

🌻【Organizer】Satir Whole Person Development Association of Malaysia


Virginia Satir, known as the mother of family therapy, believes that family is our first and lifelong place to learn. Throughout the years of upbringing, family's interactions with us have formed our understanding of the world and what we think of ourselves. By exploring the impact of the family of origin on me, we can look at ourselves and our parents with new perspectives, change the influences of the past on us, and live a free and congruent life.

Session 1: From Family To Peoplemaking

Session 2: Exploring the Primary Triad

Session 3: Using the Iceberg to Explore Family Rules

Date:16/08~ 30/08/2023 (WED)

Time:8pm – 10pm

Platform: Zoom

Target Participant: Adults above 18 years old

No of Registration : 30 person

🌻【Fee & Payment】

RM128: Regular Registration

RM108 : Early Birds (before 09 AUG 2023) or SWPDAM member.

RM238 : Register for both 《Exploring My Family of Origin》&《Explore and Transform My Personal Iceberg》

【registration link】

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Aug 16,2023

4 days

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