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王欣怡 硕士

王欣怡 硕士



Licensed and Registered Counselor (Malaysia), KP, PA

  • 拥有超过10年的辅导经验 / more than 10 years experience in counseling

  • 萨提尔成长模式个人成长基要课程初阶导师 / Trainer of ESSENTIALS of the Satir Growth Model for Personal Growth (Phase I – Basic Philosophy)

  • 萨提尔成长模式专业辅导文凭课程小组导师 / Group Tutor of Certificate Course in Professional Counselling using The Satir Growth Model

  • 曾任学院辅导主任 / Former Head of Career & Psychological Counseling Centre in a private college

  • 转捩点全人发展中心特约辅导员 / Associate of Turning Point Integrated Wellness SB

  • 雪隆檀香爱心福利中心爱心线辅导义工 / Volunteer of Mitraline Counseling Service in Kuala Lumpur Than Hsiang Mitra Welfare Center

  • 近年来也担任爱心线与其他团体的义工培训及督导工作 / Provide training and supervision to counseling volunteers in several non-profit organizations (NGOs)

学术资格 / Academic Qualification:     

  • 马来西亚精英大学辅导硕士 / Master in Counseling, HELP University College

  • 美国纽约水牛城州立大学心理学系与大众传播学系 / Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Communications, State University of New York College at Buffalo

  • 萨提尔成长模式专业辅导证书课程 / Professional Certificate Course In individual and Family Therapy Using The Satir Growth Model

面谈方式 / Method

  • 线上面谈(Skype) / Online Counseling using Skype

  • 面对面晤谈 / Face to face Counseling


服务对象 / Services Provided:

  • 个人面谈 / Individual Counseling

  • 婚姻 / Marriage Counseling

  • 家庭 / Family Therapy and Counseling

  • 亲子关系 / Parenting Relationship Therapy and Counseling


语言 / Language Proficiency:

  • 中文 / Mandarin

  • 英文 / English

  • 广东话 / Cantonese

可预约时间 / Appointment Time

  • 根据辅导预约开放时段,需预约。Base on appointment

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